Social responsibility /Pillars of corporate social responsibility

Pillars of corporate social responsibility

  • Responsibility to the market
  • Responsibility to the employees
  • Responsibility to the environmental protection
  • Responsibility to the community

Responsibility to the community in which we do our business is the strategic commitment of the Bank, and has its purpose in creating partnerships that contribute to the sustainable social development.

Responsibility to the Community

The friends of UNICEF club


Vojvođanska banka is a proud member of the friends of UNICEF club. The Bank’s support is twofold:

  • Direct support by regular monthly donations;
  • We enabled all our clients to become members of the friends of UNICEF club through our standing order service. This service is free of commission, and the clients themselves can define the amount of money they want to donate on monthly basis.

By doing that we want to help in creating better life for the children. Investment in the children is investment in better today and tomorrow.

Each child’s childhood is a puzzle. And only by putting together all it pieces correctly: health protection, appropriate food, quality inclusive education and secure and stimulating family surroundings - a child may grow into a happy and prosperous person.

You can find more information on the Friends of UNICEF Club at

Cultural Heritage

Along with years of banking activity, Vojvođnska banka takes great pleasure in praising that during that time it has acquired into its ownership a rich collection of paintings.

Appreciating the opinion of experts and other people versed in fine arts, the collection of painting of Vojvođanska banka may be described as very valuable art collection that comprises the paintings of the Serbian artists and artists of Vojvodina from the 2nd half of the 20th century.

Until 2008, in the premises of Vojvođanska banka, first in it Head office (now Trg slobode no.5), and then in a space especially equipped as a gallery (now Trg slobode branch), exhibitions were organised in cooperation with the experts in fine arts.

By end of June 2016 Vojvođanska banka and Matica Srpska gallery signed Cooperation agreement; financial assets in the amount of 5,200,000 dinars that had been realised through this agreement, the Gallery directed for the renovation of the façade, full reconstruction of the entrance to the building and installation of the outdoor disabled access lift. On the other hand, the Gallery’s expert team is making the list of , processing and cataloguing the collection of paintings gathered under the Bank’s roof. Preservation of the culture and cultural heritage of a society means preservation of the society’s values, identity, its people’s history. The principle of our Bank is that, beside preservation of our culture and cultural heritage, that culture should be accessible to all our citizens.

The first result of the cooperation is the exhibition “Responsible in culture” (21 October 2016 – 8 November 2016), on which the selection was on display of 40 art works were on display selected from the rich collection of over six hundred works of the local painters of Vojvodina from the second half of the 20th century. The paintings covering the themes from the Pannonian basin milieu- landscapes, urban and rural scenic views, still life. The exhibition “Responsible in culture” (5 April 2017 – 12 May 2076), was hosted in the premises of the National bank of Serbia in Belgrade, when the selected paintings from the rich collection of arts owned by Vojvođanska banka were presented to the Belgrade public as well. After Belgrade, part of the exhibited paintings were also exhibited in Vojvođansk bank branches in Kragujevac, Čačak, Apatin, Zrenjanin and Subotica within the traveling exhibition “Caravan of paintings”. In this way we wanted to make the rich art collection of Vojvođanska banka available to all art lovers throughout Serbia.

Gallery of artwork

The retrospective of the paintings that were exhibited at “Responsible in culture” (21 October 2016 – 8 November 2016, the Matica Srpska gallery, Novi Sad)

Corporate Volunteering

For many years Vojvođansk banka has been striving to make various contributions to the community in which it operates. Important segment of the Bank’s corporate social responsibility is corporate volunteering. The aim of corporate volunteering is to face the employees of Vojvođanska banka, by participating in voluntary engagements, directly or indirectly, with the problems in our society, whether of social, cultural, economic or ecological in nature.

As we decided to dedicate the year 2017 to volunteering, the employees of Vojvođansa banka took part in the following volunteering actions:

  • Our Belgrade (organised by the Responsible business forum)
  • Volunteering action of South Vojvodina region
  • Volunteering action of Belgrade region
  • Volunteering action of East Serbia region
  • Volunteering action of West Serbia region
  • Volunteering action of North Vojvodina region

During 2017 overall 133 volunteers of Vojvođanska banka volunteered 572 hours in 6 local communities and in that way contributed in improving the living conditions for several thousand of our fellow citizens.

Sign Language

Vojvođanka banka is the first bank in Serbia In whose branches deaf and hard-of-hearing persons may communicate by using the Serbian sign language. Over one hundred employees of our Bank passed specially created training to learn the basics of the Serbian sign language and in that way enable deaf and hard-of-hearing persons to perform core banking activities without having to engage a sign language interpreters, of overall seven sign language interpreters available in Belgrade.

This voluntary education commenced inNovember 2014. So far the trainings were organised in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Zrenjanin, Jagodina, Paraćin, Kragujevc, Niš, Kuršumlija, Užice and Kraljevo. The aim is that all offices have employees trained to use the Serbian sign language, and in that way appropriately communicate with deaf and hard-of-hearing persons. So far, 15 branches in 13 cities has been marked with an especially designed sticker.