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Vojvođanska banka

With a 150-year long tradition Vojvođanska banka is successfully operating in Serbia and represents one of the most recognized local brands in the country. Vojvođanska banka is among the top ten largest banks in Serbia by asset size. With the fourth largest network in Serbia, four regional business centers for small and medium-sized enterprises and with over a million clients, Vojvođanska banka covers the entire territory of the country.

In 2006, in a privatization process the Bank was sold to the National Bank of Greece Group. On 1 December 2017, OTP banka Srbija announced the completion of acquisition of 100% ownership of Vojvođanska banka and in this way the Bank became a member of OTP Group, the largest financial service provider in Hungary and a dominant regional player in the Central and Eastern European market as well. This marks the beginning of the creation of a strong, integrated bank offering a full spectrum of advanced financial products and services.

OTP banka Srbija presently encompasses 52 branches and 119 ATMs, while Vojvođanska banka gathers 103 branches and 137 ATMs. Once integrated, the bank will be the seventh in Serbia by size of assets and the third largest bank according to the number of branches and will comprise over 5 % of the whole financial Serbian market.

It is expected that the merger process will last until spring 2019.