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What is Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC)?

Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) is a financial service that enables users of payment cards issued outside RS to examine debit on card account of the payment card user, when making payments at POS terminals, in the currency of the payment card user’s account when paying for goods or services at POS terminals.

When a payment is made at a POS terminal, the amount in RSD is converted to the currency of the card user’s account. You, being a payment card user, get information about the exchange rate of the conversion as well as the exact amount in original currency of the card which will be charged to your account. When you pay at POS terminals, you choose whether the requested transaction will be carried out as a DCC transaction, with the displayed converstion rate and the amount in DCC currency or as a regular payment transaction at a POS terminal without conversio in DCC currency.

Currency of carrying out the conversion to DCC currency is available by clicking “Calculate” on this page.