Fiesta prize Fiesta prize Fiesta prize Fiesta prize

Fiesta prize competition can begin!

  • Be the winner of one of the numerous prizes
  • More transactions gives you bigger chance to win
    one of the main prizes
We are pleased to inform you that starting November 11th 2018 , starts competition for all users of our Visa credit cards and Mastercard Gold credit card.


All purchase transactions by these cards from November 11th till December 31st 2018, in Serbia or abroad or via internet, in minimal amount of 2.000 RSD, participates in the competition, no matter which model of repayment you choose, on installment or revolving model.

More transactions gives you greater chance to win one of the main prizes.

The main prize is car Ford fiesta, the second prize is voucher in amount of 3.000 euros for equipment of the apartment, the third prize is voucher for the trip in amount of 2.500 euros, and another one hundred owners of these cards will have the chance to win vouchers for purchase in supermarket in amount of 10.000 RSD.

Names of the lucky winners will be published on web site of Vojvođanska banka on 15th January 2019.


Pay with our Visa credit cards or Mastercard Gold card and win the one of the numerous prizes.

Competition rules - By this document The rules of Visa and Mastercard credit cards competition are determined.


Competition organized in public in which competitors compete with the rules of the organizer where the outcome depends solely on achived results.


Vojvođanska banka a.d.Novi Sad, Trg slobode 7 (hereinafter: The Bank).


The main cardholders of VISA moja, VISA olympic and Mastercard Gold credit cards who post purchase transactions, in particular minimal amount of RSD 2.000, during the competition period.

With purchase transactions in minimal amount of RSD 2.000, Card user becomes participant in the competition and accepts competition rules.

The Bank’s employees are not eligible to participate in competition, as well as members of their families, which includes spouses, children and parents.

Visa credit card

Card issued in accordance with the Contract of issuing/reissuing and usage of Visa/ Mastercard credit card .

Duration of the competition

In the period from 01.11.2018. at 00:00 until 31.12.2018. at 23:59.

Target transactions

purchase transactions post in the country and abroad or via internet in minimal amount per transaction of RSD 2.000.

Competition mechanism

From clients eligible to participate (the main Visa and Mastercard cardholders who during competition period have posted purchase transactions in the country and abroad or via internet in minimal amount per transaction of RSD 2.000), the prizes win those who during competition period have the largest number of posted purchase transactions in minimal amount of RSD 2.000.

If more cards are linked to one account (e.g. primary and additional cards), all transactions will be added to the main cardholder who is eligible to win prize. If there are larger numbers of main cardholders with the same number of transactions, higher ranking gets the customer whose total amount of all purchase transactions in RSD in the country and abroad or via internet, rounded to two decimal places is the greatest.

When calculating total amount of transactions performed abroad in different transaction currencies, it will be used transaction amount in RSD, which is booked on customer card’ account.

Selection of the winners

In determining the winners, it will be taken into account purchase transactions made by primary and additional Visa and Mastercard credit card and posted to cardholder’s account during competition period. Only successful transactions will be taken in consideration. The transactions posted and reversed in the same period will be excluded.

The right for winning award has Visa or Mastercard credit account holder (main cardholder). Cash withdrawal transactions at ATMs and counters as well as transactions generated by the Bank’s system (interest rates, fees, etc) will not be taken into account.

Selection of winners will be done on 11.01.2019. Announcement of winners will be published on bank’s web site on 15.01.2019.


The first prize:

Car Ford Fiesta

The second prize:

IKEA voucher for equipping the apartment in total amount of 3.000 EUR (in RSD value)

The third prize:

Kontiki voucher for trip by winner’s choice in total amount of 2.500 EUR (in RSD value)

Other prizes:

100 vouches for Marcetor S in retail stores (Idea, Roda, Mercator), in total amount of 10.000 RSD

In total 103 prizes.

Prizes will be delivered respectively on the basis of achieved results ranking.

In accordance with applicable regulations, the Bank will settle tax liabilities.

The Bank reserves the right to disqualify participants who do not comply with competition rules.