MasterCard Installment MasterCard Installment MasterCard Installment MasterCard Installment

MasterCard Installment

  • Better than cheques!
  • Instalment card free of interest!
  • Use it in the country, abroad and on the Internet!

Within a Package periodical membership for the credit card use is more favourable.

Why is MasterCard Installment card the right choice for you?

Better than cheques
At all POSs marked with “Mastercard”
na rate
Instalment card free of interest
Limit up to two and a half monthly income
Possibility of cash withdrawals

Useful information

How to get MasterCard Installment card?

Why is MasterCard Installment card better than cheques?

MasterCard Installment card fully and properly replaces the cheques because with it:

  • You may withdraw cash
  • You are not limited by a number of cheques
  • You do not have to go to the Bank to get new cheques
  • You may use it abroad and on the Internet
  • Easy to use - no blank cheques to be filled in

Paying in nstalments with no interest!

How much money can I get on MasterCard Installment card?

Daily limit – for your safety


Collateral is a promissory note (you will get it in the Bank) and administrative prohibition.

Representative example

Type of loan Installment+Revolving loan
Approved credit limit

RSD 50,000.00

Principal debt

RSD 50,000.00

Interest RSD 5,397.10

Periodical membership for the credit card use

RSD 150 (monthly)
Type of client Card user without package
Visina i promenljivost godišnje nominalne kamatne stope 22% fiksna

Effective interest rate

Loan currency RSD
Total loan amount RSD 59,597.10

Costs charged to the card user: Costs which are part of effective interest rate: monthly fee for card use RSD 150, card statement delivery fee RSD 0; Credit Bureau fee RSD 246; two promissory notes RSD 100.


Interest rate is calculated to the revolving principal formed of outstanding debt instalments to which 5% of the repayment is applied.

EKS calculated as at 26.04.2019.

All above data are intended to provide information and cannot be used for other purposes.

Interest rate

  • Annual nominal interest rate: 22% fixed

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Fees and commissions

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