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Olympic package

  • Visa Gold Olympic debit card
  • Visa Olyimpic credit card
  • Montly purchases up to EUR 1000 at the NBS mean rate
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The fifth Olympic cycle we support our Olympians on their journey to medals!

As the official bank of the Serbian Olympic Team, we are proud to present a unique Olympic package for all of you who cherish Olympic values and support our athletes on their way to Tokyo.

The Olympic package from now includes our payment cards - Visa Gold Olympic debit card and as an optional element of the package - Visa Olympic credit card.

For your every purchase and payment with Olympic cards, we donate from each transaction, the Olympic committee part of interchange fee, with no extra costs for you. Behind of supporting the Olympic team, there are numerous discounts and benefits available for all Olympic package users. More on the link: WORLD of discounts, and as a VISA Olympic Credit Card users, you can get 3% discount for fuel at all Eco gas stations.

What can you use within the Olympic package?

Obligatory elements of the Olympic package:

  • Visa Gold Olympic debit card
  • DinaCard debit card
  • RSD and foreign currency EUR current account
  • Electronic and M-banking services

Optional elements of the package:

  • Visa Olimpic credit card
  • Bonus savings account for a vista savings and purchases up to EUR 1,000 monthly at the NBS mean rate
  • SMS service
  • Safe deposit box

Promotional conditions for the package until 31.12.2020. years!

The package price is 300 RSD per a month until 31.12.2020, and after the promotional period the package price will be 350 RSD a month.

Behind this unique offer, Bank has made it possible in the year of the Olympic games in Tokio the Visa Olympic Credit Card on promotional terms – without monthly card maintenance fee until 31.12.2020.

A special benefit is the release of the monthly fee for the Bonus Savings Account until 31.12.2020. Clients have the option to montly purchases up to EUR 1,000 at the NBS mean rate

Overall monthly price of the package is the sum of its basic price and the price of each optional package element.

Fees and commissions

Fees and commissions

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Use our calculator to calculate the price of your package, by including or excluding optional elements of the package:

Optional package elements:

Mothly charge:


No charge until 31.12.2020, and from 01.01.2021. 50 RSD monthly


No charge until 31.12.2020, and from 01.01.2021. 60 RSD monthly




Overall monthly fee for your package in the promotion period:

300,00 RSD until 31.12.2020 year

350,00 RSD from 01.01.2021 year